A Sweet Four Year Old Using the Power of the Priesthood (Faith) To Find His Lost Lego

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This is so sweet, I had to post it. This is a text that my friend got about her four year old little boy who is currently hanging out with his grandma. The power of the priesthood (faith) is an amazing thing.

“Anyway, we have been putting together Legos again. That is one of his most favorite activities. We couldn’t find a particular piece and had looked thru pretty much everything we thought. I was ready to call it good for the night and he says ‘God knows where it is’.  I told him he was right. Next thing I know he jumps up on his bed, clasps his little hands, and I look at him and he says ‘what?’ I say ‘nothing’. He then jumps down and immediately says ‘here it is’.
Talk about the faith of a little child. He said he prayed and god told him in his mind where it was. That kid is awesome!!”

prayer-faith-power of the priesthood

WordWellness Word “Adored” In Connection With The Power of The Priesthood

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I’ve been pondering about what the word “Adored” has to do with the power of the priesthood?

wordwellness word Adored in connection with power of the priesthood

We are very close to launching Traditions In Seasons’ “Word Wellness” Package, and in preparation for that I am doing a series of posts using the free words that WordWellness uses to teach some of the important life principles that we are so excited about. All of these words are from the Bible. All of these words have a connection to power of the priesthood, and more importantly an individual having power in the priesthood. Gods power in all of us. Otherwise known as “faith”.

So I’ve been thinking… Every gift of the spirit is powered by the priesthood (God’s power, otherwise known as faith – I can’t say that enough.). Hence the importance of bringing oneself to a point where we are completely devoted to God the Father and His Son, Jesus Christ, in order to have access to the great power that is available to all of God’s children who devote themselves to Him. In that devotion comes the flowing power of the priesthood through our hands and we become instruments in His (hands).

The definition of Adored:

This word is a verb.

Worshiped as divine; highly reverenced; greatly loved.

Adore: in Hebrew it is to honor, reverence or glorify.

1. To worship with profound reverence; to address with exalted thoughts, by prayer and thanksgiving; to pay divine honors to; to honor as a god or as divine.

2. To love in the highest degree; to regard with the utmost esteem, affection and respect; as, the people adore their prince.

I love this word! It makes me think of how well I really need to know my God. It reminds me that I cannot truly adore Him if I do not know Him. When I think of what I do know; How strict are His rules, and how perfect are His ways. Yes, to some people that sounds “fanatical”. However, there is another word that I think is used incorrectly. People call themselves a “fan” (meaning fanatic) and that doesn’t have a bad connotation. However, say the whole word “fanatical” and it generally means absolutely nutty. What if we replaced that with the word “adorer” instead. Ah.. that’s better. I means good things. Completely worshipful, and devoted.

Guess what, as much as I have used the word “devoted” I just looked over the list and it is coming up on the list of WordWellness words. Yay!

I submit, as I will with all of these words, that Adoring Christ is essential to using His power. The power that we activate whenever we use His name to pray, or bestow a blessing… any time we act in the Name of the King.

Do you adore Him?

Leave me a comment if this has been something that has ever crossed your mind. If you have had experience with learning how to adore the Lord, and the impact it has had on the results you see as you pray and serve in His name. How has the Power of the Priesthood manifest in the successful use of the gifts of the spirit that the Lord placed in your hands?

Elder Ballard Said:

“Those who have priesthood keys—whether that be a deacon who has keys for his quorum, or a bishop who has keys for his ward, or a stake president who has keys for his stake, or the President of the Church who holds all priesthood keys—literally make it possible for all who serve or labor faithfully under their direction to exercise priesthood authority and have access to priesthood power.”” (Emphasis added.)

Elder Oaks said:

“…priesthood ordinances and priesthood authority pertain to women as well as men.”


“The understanding we seek begins with an understanding of the keys of the priesthood. “Priesthood keys are the authority God has given to priesthood [holders] to direct, control, and govern the use of His priesthood on earth.”4 Every act or ordinance performed in the Church is done under the direct or indirect authorization of one holding the keys for that function. As Elder M. Russell Ballard has explained, “Those who have priesthood keys … literally make it possible for all who serve faithfully under their direction to exercise priesthood authority and have access to priesthood power.”5″


“When men and women go to the temple, they are both endowed with the same power, which is priesthood power. … Access to the power and the blessings of the priesthood is available to all of God’s children.”16

I feel it important to remember that we have been baptized into Christ’s Church with the express assignment to go forth in His Name doing His works. I believe that truly adoring our God gives us greater access to that power – essential to being sure we are not using His Name in vain, in any way.




Elder Oaks – Power of the Priesthood (Clarifying Awesomeness)

April 30, 2014 in Faith, gifts of the spirit - power of the priesthood, Signs of the Believers by Earnestly Seeking Perfection In Christ

Lately it has happened that,  what I understand about the power of the priesthood, has been mocked using my name. “Apparently Bronwen has the priesthood. Har har.”

I would clarify, using Elder Oaks’ words:

“As Elder M. Russell Ballard has explained, “Those who have priesthood keys … literally make it possible for all who serve faithfully under their direction to exercise priesthood authority and have access to priesthood power.”5

And: “With the exception of the sacred work that sisters do in the temple under the keys held by the temple president, which I will describe hereafter, only one who holds a priesthood office can officiate in a priesthood ordinance. And all authorized priesthood ordinances are recorded on the records of the Church.”

Here he clarifies, beautifully, everything I have been taught by the Holy Ghost about women’s roles using the power of the priesthood. Clearly officers who are authorized are the only ones to do ordinances – baby blessings, sacrament, baptism, confirmation/command to receive the Holy Ghost, temple ordinances, patriarchal blessings. (I can’t think of any more that are recorded on the records of the church. If you can think of any more ordinances let me know via comment below.)

I do not think I should (nor do I hope to have) office in the priesthood. But I do believe what is taught by Joseph Smith (and the apostle Paul) about signs of the believers and spiritual gifts, and that those things are made possible by the power of the priesthood in all of God’s children. Increased portions as we are ordained, by priesthood officers, to membership in the Church via the ordinances of baptism and confirmation. And increased again through receiving further ordination, by those with priesthood authority, through ordinances in the temple.

“Prest. Smith continued the subject  by adverting to the commission given to the ancient apostles  “Go ye into all the world” &c.— no matter who believeth; these  signs, such as healing the sick, casting out devils &c. should  follow all that believe whether male or female. He ask’d  the Society if they could not see by this sweeping stroke, that  wherein they are ordaind, it is the privilege of those set apart to  administer in that authority which is confer’d on them— and if  the sisters should have faith to heal the sick, let all hold  their tongues, and let every thing roll on.” (Nauvoo R.S. Minutes, Joseph Smith Jr. Original Emphasis.)

Isn’t it amazing to think that when you participate in an ordinance you are ordained? We are ordained members of the church. Not officers. But we have been ordained to membership by officers holding keys to ordain us. Very cool. (I think if the organization known as “ordain women” were to see that ordaining clearly they would be more confident in what is already conferred upon them. But I am grateful for their movement in that it brought some things to the memory of the Lord’s people – even if they are going about it all wrong… from what I can see anyway.)

Again, I hold office (and worthy officers) in high respect, and I do not demand it, nor do I expect it or want it.

I’m sad for those who mock the doctrine, by mocking me and what I have learned. I love them and I hope they will do their work to study out the truth and how it applies to them personally – and how spiritual gifts/signs of the believers effects every individual’s personal salvation… and negatively so, if they DO NOTHING with them.

Can’t Be Poisioned – Power of the Priesthood

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You know how the scriptures say that true believers can’t be poisoned? This video is my ramblings about what occurred to me last night as I was pondering the kind of purity (using the power of the priesthood) we can achieve in order to be protected – completely! – from the poisons in the air, food, water, and every other method of slow or quick poison that the conspiring devil has “bitten” us with.

Miracles and the Power of the Priesthood

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I’ve been studying out the word “miracles” which, obviously are powered by the power of the priesthood. It is very clearly evident in all of the scriptures I’ve found that that power is increased in us with baptism… and then each ordinance we participate after that only increases the power of God in us.

You know what? I feel I should say, that we are BORN with a portion of that power. The light of Christ. It’s in every single child of God born on this Earth. Each one of us have a particular mission that we committed to whether we figure it out or not. That is very cool. :)

Miracles of Christ by the hands of the Believers

Slide 3 - Miracles - Nephi - If God Commands I can do it

Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints know this story. It is the story of Nephi, after having come through several years in the wilderness – becoming a grown man through that period of time – and the Lord commanded him to build a big boat. Something that could carry his entire family and the family of Ishmael across the ocean for unknown number of days and storms, etc. until they came to the land of promise (North America).

Nephi was a city kid who had learned to survive in the wilderness by obeying the promptings of the Holy Ghost. He had gained many spiritual gifts as he traveled and obeyed, including the gifts of prophesy, and revelation. I’m sure he laid hold on many of the best gifts. He was Nephi.

So, when he went to his family and explained that the Lord had issued a commandment to him to build a boat (something he knew nothing about) his faithless older brothers mocked him, saying things along the lines of: “You’re just a city kid and you’ve never done anything like that before. How do you even know God said to do it. You belong in a mental institution.”

That’s when Nephi talked about miracles.

He explained that by the power of God (the power of the priesthood) he could do whatever God prompted him (commanded him) to do. He was confident in God that he could build that boat, even if he didn’t know how yet. He knew that the Lord would teach him by the power of the Holy Ghost. AMAZING FAITH! I LOVE Nephi!!

He is such a good example of a regular guy becoming something magnificent just because he obeyed the promptings of the Holy Ghost. No wonder he was able to achieve the visions and blessings that he did (that all of us can/should be going after).

I submit that the power that was in him to be able to achieve fulfilling any commandment that God gave him was the power of the priesthood. It is the power to do miracles. Any member of the Church can and should be doing them, as we are His hands. We are commanded “His works to do” because we follow after His discipline: The Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Have a wonderful day!


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Gifts of the Spirit – Power in the Priesthood – Stop Talking – Start Doing

March 28, 2014 in Faith, gifts of the spirit - power of the priesthood by Earnestly Seeking Perfection In Christ

I’m sitting here, as I type this post, with my oldest daughter – who is almost 8 years old. I’m thinking about her powerful gifts of the spirit that she already possesses. I can see that once she gets baptized and is confirmed a member of Christ’s Church – when that first power of the priesthood mantle is laid upon her shoulders – she will be a powerful force for good. If she chooses.

We are sitting here doing her school work. She is trying very hard to just talk about it instead of picking up her pencil and doing the work that it takes to complete the task. If you could hear all of the typical excuses that are coming out of her little self.

A normal, natural-man tendency. We all battle with that I think.

Thinking of this tendency when it comes to gifts of the spirit and power of the priesthood, I can see that if we spend too much time talking about it instead of allowing the Lord to guide us to a need and laying our hands on the person who needs a blessing (if that is the type of spiritual gift we happen to possess. There are so many!) then we are spending too much time wasting time.

Let’s say someone has the talent (or gift of the spirit) to sing beautifully. If that person hides the talent and only uses it in his or her shower… and then talks about it like it is their gift but is then unwilling to seek out opportunities to use that gift with the power of the priesthood and bring souls unto Christ… I think you get my point.

I hope that today, I can teach my daughter to focus her power on completing tasks. I hope I can teach her to use her gifts/talents to achieve something that matters to the Lord. Like helping Him achieve His work and His Glory.

That’s all for now.



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LDS General Women’s Conference!

March 22, 2014 in Just What's Going On, Relief Society, values for children by Earnestly Seeking Perfection In Christ

I’m looking forward to this LDS General Women’s Conference. I also think it may be significant that it is for all baptized members who are 8 years old or older. I think this is wonderful!

Gifts of the Spirit – Power of the Priesthood

March 18, 2014 in Faith, Priesthood, Signs of the Believers by Earnestly Seeking Perfection In Christ

I’ve been researching the “power in the priesthood” / “power of the priesthood” topic today, specifically with reference to Gifts of the Spirit.

I find more and more information from the 12 apostles and the 70. Oh my goodness! I feel more and more confident that this is truly a message that our leaders are trying to get us to go to the Lord to figure out and act upon. Here is what Elder Neil L. Andersen said in a recent General Conference:

Power in the Priesthood

By Elder Neil L. Andersen

Of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles

“…To receive the blessings, power, and promises of the priesthood in this life and the next is one of the great opportunities and responsibilities of mortality. As we are worthy, the ordinances of the priesthood enrich our lives on earth and prepare us for the magnificent promises of the world ahead. The Lord said, “In the ordinances … the power of godliness is manifest.”3

There are special blessings from God for every worthy person who is baptized, receives the Holy Ghost, and regularly partakes of the sacrament. The temple brings added light and strength, along with the promise of eternal life.4

All of the ordinances invite us to increase our faith in Jesus Christ and to make and keep covenants with God. As we keep these sacred covenants, we receive priesthood power and blessings.

Do we not feel this power of the priesthood in our own lives and see it among the covenant-keeping members of the Church? We see it in new converts as they step from the waters of baptism feeling forgiven and clean. We see our children and youth more sensitive to the promptings and guidance of the Holy Ghost. We see the ordinances of the temple becoming a beacon of strength and light for righteous men and women across the world…”

Notice he said “every worthy person who is baptized, and receives the Holy Ghost”?

How about adding Gifts of the Spirit to the equation and you get a major responsibility of every member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints who has achieved the actual receipt of the Holy Ghost in their life! Exciting! Lookie:

Now read the words of Jesus Christ about Gifts of the Spirit:

D&C 84:63-73 (This can also be found in the New Testament and the Book of Mormon.)

63 And as I said unto mine apostles, even so I say unto you, for you are mine aapostles, even God’s high priests; ye are they whom my Father hath bgiven me; ye are my cfriends;

 64 Therefore, as I said unto mine apostles I say unto you again, that every asoul who bbelieveth on your words, and is baptized by water for the cremission of sins, shall dreceive the Holy Ghost.

 65 And these asigns shall follow them that believe—

 66 In my name they shall do many wonderful aworks;

 67 In my aname they shall cast out devils;

 68 In my name they shall aheal the sick;

 69 In my name they shall aopen the eyes of the blind, and unstop the ears of the deaf;

 70 And the tongue of the dumb shall speak;

 71 And if any man shall administer apoison unto them it shall not hurt them;

 72 And the apoison of a serpent shall not have power to harm them.

 73 But a commandment I give unto them, that they shall not aboast themselves of these things, neither speak them before the world; for these things are given unto you for your profit and for salvation.

Notice again that Christ says “every soul who is baptized, and receives the Holy Ghost”?

I’ve come to understand that the power of the priesthood is the element that powers Gifts of the Spirit. Most people know it as “faith”. Joseph Smith established that it was by “faith” that the heavens and the earth were created by Christ. I believe him. Elder Ballard defined the same power this way:

“…Brothers and sisters, the power by which the heavens and earth were and are created is the priesthood. Those of us who are members of the Church know that the source of this priesthood power is God Almighty and His Son, Jesus Christ. Not only is the priesthood the power by which the heavens and the earth were created, but it is also the power the Savior used in His mortal ministry to perform miracles, to bless and heal the sick, to bring the dead to life…”

 Elder Ballard also said this:

“…More distinctive, influential voices of faith from women are needed, for only women can show the world what women of God who have made covenants look like and believe.”

When we study our baptismal covenants thoroughly and listen to the Holy Ghost, as directed by the Brethren who stand in priesthood authority (the General Authorities) and hold and use priesthood keys for administering the major ordinances of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, we should all come to the same unified understanding of the importance of the achieving, and use of Gifts of the Spirit powered by faith/power of the priesthood.

There has been some misconception over the years as people have tried to figure out what this is all about. I’ve studied them all and I can witness that the preachings that match up to the scriptures/words of Christ most closely are the ones being spoken by our leaders now. It can be confusing, but if we are relying on the Holy Ghost (a member of the Godhead) with a full bodied “lean with all our weight” type of reliance then we are going to understand how this all fits together. And we will unitedly understand how the power of the priesthood is passed along to all through the authority, and keys of the priesthood that are protected by the brethren.

I feel strongly that we should be teaching our sweet young children who are preparing for baptism, that they are preparing to partake in a full two way covenant. That their part in it is to receive the Holy Ghost – no matter how long that takes them – and then go about defining the Gifts of the Spirit that came to them with their baptism and use them fearlessly.

Fear is gripping. Our children… oh how they need to have fearlessness bred into their very fibers.

Can you imagine a newly baptized 8 year old with the courage to act as a true believer of Jesus Christ in a serious situation where one of their friends gets an injury? To be fearless to lay their hands upon the head of their friend and command the healing to be – in the name of their Savior which they know they have taken upon themselves and must act in – it’s part of their baptismal covenant.




The Inner Battle – Whose Voice Am I Hearing Anyway?

March 17, 2014 in Faith, Prayer by Earnestly Seeking Perfection In Christ

I am very excited about something. A blog that I follow: http://unblogmysoul.wordpress.com has recently begun accepting reader submissions. As a blogger this excites me! To get to bear witness on their wonderful blog this way is… yeah, I’m happy about this.

This topic comes into my life at the perfect time.

I recently had an experience where I received a prompting from the Holy Ghost that the adversary highjacked and turned against me! It was so awful! Please bear with me as I tell the story. As I go you should be able to see the obvious “how to’s” that I learned from going through this little trial.

Most of my life I have battled with caring too much what people think of me. It’s not about the way I look, or the house I live in, or car I drive. I really don’t care at all about what people think of those things. However, I have always struggled with the worry about what people say about me – what they say about the things I say… and how those rumors might come back to bite me later. (Cause in my teenage years that happened a lot. It hurt.)

Fear Is Very Gripping.

A few weeks ago I had a true blue prompting from the Holy Ghost. Over the years I have come to be more and more clear on who is who. My head ponders, and runs all over the place. The Lord is very direct and rarely asks me questions. The adversary rakes me over the coals.

This particular prompting was kind of big. It was potentially humiliating if I didn’t play my cards right. (Which is exactly what the adversary wanted me to fear. Duh.) Yet, the prompting originally came with such peace and direction – understanding – that I accepted and moved forward to obey. It was that moment that the enemy came in – yet I didn’t realize it had happened. Sneeky punks. :P

I made the mistake of forgetting to ASK the Lord how He meant for me to go about my new assignment and skipped straight to doing the first thing that popped into my head. (Which I also failed to run past the Lord to make sure it was even from Him.) That thing was going to make me appear to be a nutcase to a LOT of people – one at a time. And because I was willing to completely sacrifice myself for obedience to the Lord I actually started to move forward in the action…. UGH!

Needless to say that fear quickly took over when I failed to go through the appropriate motions to know for myself how I should really be going about my work. It was such an awful day. I couldn’t stop crying. My heart was in a complete dither, and I truly was just running in circles in my mind – unable to get a clear answer from the Lord until after I let the fear go.

That’s when I learned that the Lord did NOT want me to go about fulfilling His wishes in the way that the adversary had whispered to me. He had other plans that were a lot more work, but feel 100% peaceful, and He is helping me.

It’s true that fear is not faith.

So, how do I tell between my voice, His voice, and our enemy’s voices? It has a great deal to do with how I feel when that voice presents itself. I frequently ask: “Wait, Heavenly Father, did I just say that to myself?” And generally if I think I am, these days anyway, then I am. There was a time in my personal revelation training that I frequently had to ask that question. If I am open to His answer (instead of wanting the answer to be a specific thing) then I can hear Him – He answers clearly and simply.

The adversary plants seeds of doubt. He hates our guts, and he wants nothing more than to send us into a tail spin.

The Lord is specific.

If the Lord says: “Stop watching T.V. forever.” then the adversary is going to say: “But how will you spend time with your husband?” and “It’s okay if you’re snuggling with your husband. He needs time with you too.” But the blessings that flow from obedience are far greater than snuggling. And another way to spend time with our loved ones will present itself if we endure in the ways of Christ.

There are a lot of scriptures that I could quote about this topic, but I don’t feel to quote them. The Lord has commanded us to hear His voice. It is a wonderful thing. I know there are a lot of people out there who struggle as I used to, thinking that “the Lord doesn’t talk to me that way.” But I know that He does speak to us all. If someone like me could break through then anyone can do it! :)

holy ghost dov

Have a wonderful day!



What is Humility? What is Pride?

February 8, 2014 in Just What's Going On, Prayer, values for children by Earnestly Seeking Perfection In Christ

I have had a fascinating experience. FRUSTRATING beyond much I’ve ever experienced in my life because before I could benefit from it… I had to learn how to get out of my own way on a whole new level.

Here is what happened.

I told you I have been learning about the importance of meditation, and that visualization in connection with prayer to connect directly with the power of the atonement is what meditation is – at least that is how I understand it so far. This definition will be refined, I am sure. But for now, this is how I understand the principle, and application of meditation. (Which two prophets have said is the most sincere form of worship.)

So I entered into a visualization of my choosing where I focused my energy on tapping directly into the power of the atonement. I imagined it being a place full of glowing, beautiful, white, warm light that was so thick that I would swish it around in my fingers and feel the energy of it in my hands and all around me. I then swirled that energy around to create a little whirl pool type of thing and I grabbed the bottom of it and placed it in my brain.

(Why my brain? Well, I feel strongly that the brain is the hub of my physical beliefs. My brain connects to everything. My beliefs, pain, sickness, etc., etc., etc..)

So in my brain it went!

From here, with the spinning vortex of the Saviors atoning power invited into my physical brain, I began to command damaging beliefs to be replaced with truth. (I have a lot of false beliefs and fears to deal with. I’ll elaborate.) What an amazing experience! I felt all lit up inside. Warm, relaxed, and LIGHT. It is wonderful! I’ll never go back. HOWEVER… (and I wish I had been forewarned so I could have been prepared to allow things to flow instead of fighting against progress.) It stirred me up. Yes. After I released the power back to it’s home until the next time I was ready to focus on using it, I would close my eyes and words were literally spinning in my head.

The result? Well, because I fought against it and tried to get it to go away, it was a constant interruption in my thought process. I’m very visual (which the Lord knows. What better way to get through to me than with pictures of words swirling around in my mind? Brilliant.) and every time I would close my eyes to try to remember what I was doing I would see the swirling words and think I was going crazy! Very frustrating.

The swirling words remained for 2 weeks or so until…

I finally recognized that I could almost catch sight of a word that I thought might be “beautiful”. But I wasn’t sure. It was moving way too fast. It was that day that someone I love suggested that I needed to relax and let it happen. “What are you trying to tell me?” was an important question that I had failed to ask up to that point.  (Duh.)

That night I asked the Lord what He wanted me to do to get into the zone and get some answers.

I felt to cleanse my home, and then enter into my meditation through the same visualization that I had been using. When I got there and got the swirly energy attached to my brain I just simply began to pray. “What are you trying to tell me?”

Immediately (yep. That instant.) the spinning stopped. All the words were really blurry. Like looking at a picture with huge pixels… up close. I couldn’t read anything. So I just waited quietly and kept looking. Three words came to the “surface” (so to speak) and I could read them. It was a replacement belief for a false belief. “I Am Beautiful.” In a rush of understanding I knew what this meant. I am (all of us are) the workmanship of His hands. I’ve heard this before but DIDN’T BELIEVE that I was really all that beautiful. Just… meh. Ya know?

Anyway, so that punched me in the stomach a little.

I struggle with the idea of owning something like “I Am Beautiful” because I thought that confidently owning that sort of thing means that I’m not humble. And I didn’t want to fall prey to pride.

So I asked about that. And do you want to know what He told me!?

Well, I’m going to tell ya!

He explained pride and humility to me like this:

What humility is NOT:

  • It is NOT a lack of confidence in our abilities. It is not meekness.

What humility IS:

  • It is a full acceptance and belief that every person on this earth or who ever was or will be born on this earth is a child of God with the exact same opportunity for individual greatness in achieving their promises from the plan of salvation. Everyone is absolutely EQUAL in this thing. Nobody has more opportunity than anyone else. There are exceptionally obedient people and there are disobedient people. The full achievers are absolutely obedient.

Cool. I can look at everyone that way.

What pride is NOT:

Pride is not confidence. Confidence is not pride.

What pride IS:

Pride is to think yourself more privileged than someone else. To think ones self particularly, and uniquely better than someone else. To put someone else below you. To put yourself above someone else.

Contention is fueled by pride. One contestant strives to be more right, or more talented than the other contestant with the intent to win. (In all forms this is contention. Even if we’re playing a game. For example: Basketball isn’t evil. But if contention enters into it then pride has entered into someone’s heart.)

WOW! That means…

That means that I can own my personal talents and be confident in my abilities and as long as I don’t think or feel myself better than someone else because I have them… well… then I qualify as humble! It means that as long as I recognize that everyone has their own gifts and talents, and focus my energy on their beauty because of those equally wonderful opportunities… that I am free of pride. (At least on this level. Digging deeper always reveals additional info.)

In short, if we see everyone as a true child of God – no matter their station in life. No matter their outer beauty, or their wealth, or race, or position, or bad habits… no matter what their behavior – if we see everyone as a child of God then we can see everyone equal and avoid pride – and at the same time achieve humility!

Hence, I can (and so can EVERYONE) own the true belief that “I Am beautiful”.

I Am Beautiful

It sounds trite coming out of my fingers. But it is the answer I’ve been searching for for years. What is pride? What is humility? And now I finally have my answer.

Those are still the words that stand out when I close my eyes.

The Lord knows me. When I have accomplished learning what He is trying to teach me, those words might spin again. Who knows? It was very revealing the first time. I wonder if it will spin again and reveal another incorrect belief in me. That would be very cool.



P.S. – I feel I should note about the point I made about “no matter what their behavior” has a little more depth.

We can see a person behaving badly and know that the behavior is bad without deciding that we are better than they. Now that I’ve had this experience I can see that it’s really about “keeping our eye on the ball” (so to speak). We just need to keep in mind that everyone is here with 100% equal opportunity to change and grow. Everyone just experiences different things as they go along.

This is no new concept. This experience has shown me the meaning of “line upon line upon line” in an amazing and wonderful way.


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